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Looking for creative inspiration? The Palette Magazine is like getting a workshop in the mail!


The Palette Magazine is a magazine designed to help you become a better artist! How?

1 »  Professional lessons and tips on how to improve your technique – click here to view excerpt.

2 »  Easy-to-follow exercises to make you a better painter – click here to view excerpt.

3 »  Exciting ideas to make your work more expressive – click here to view excerpt.

4 »  Expert advice from today’s best painters and teachers – click here to view excerpt.

Whether you are fairly new to painting or an experienced artist, you’ll find The Palette Magazine useful and inspiring.

-If you want to become a better artist…
-if you’re eager to learn more about the concepts of painting
-if you want to produce more satisfying, personally expressive paintings
the lessons and ideas in this magazine will be invaluable in your exploration to become the best painter you can be.

How is this magazine different?
The Palette Magazine is the only 100% instructional magazine written for and by watermedia artists. The magazine has a unique format with lessons (such as you might get at a good workshop) and suggested exercises to help you understand and apply the concepts and techniques described.

The Palette Magazine offers you choices—choices of technique, choices of design concept, choices of style that are all designed to help you find your own unique direction as a painter. The magazine is filled with useful lessons that will help you explore new possibilities in painting. Accompanying each lesson is an exercise that you can try at home. It’s like getting a workshop in the mail!

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