Color and design: the core of my workshops

“My need to understand the how and why of the painting process is something I instinctively share with others. I try to provide students with a broad understanding of color and design… and then help each individual to apply these concepts in a unique and imaginative
way that expresses th
eir personal thoughts and feelings.”
— Christopher Schink

Internationally known artist Christoper Schink works in a semi‐abstract style, creating paintings notable for the strength and drama of their pictorial design. You can view some of his work on this WordPress site but you’ll see a lot more on his main website,

Toph has over 45 years of teaching experience; he’s conducted workshops in most states in the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

He designs his workshops to help each painter find and express a personally satisfying direction or style. Whether one is new to painting or an experienced artist, (realistic/abstract/nonobjective), Toph’s guidance and mentoring helps artists apply contemporary concepts in color and design to make their work more personally expressive.

A typical workshop will include demonstrations and discussions on design, color and contemporary directions in painting. After 45 years of teaching, his goal is to help students find a more personal way to work, so that students leave with new ideas, a clearer direction and newfound inspiration.

See the Workshop page in this blog, to find the workshop closest to you!



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2 responses to “Color and design: the core of my workshops

  1. Lynne

    I’m confused by the transition from Christopher Schink to “Toph” on the page above (Color and Design of My Workshops). What happened to Schink? I started reading about him and the next thing you know, I’m reading about Toph.

    I have been working from Christopher Schink’s book Color and Light and because I wished it had suggested some actual exercises to try, I went on line to find out more about him. That’s what brought me to this confusing page.

    • Thanks for your comment on the article. Most people who follow Christopher Schink as Toph – his nickname that he goes by. Sorry this confused you. Sometimes we think there’s an obvious connection when there is not! Apologies from the editor. — CWL

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