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I look back at the last 15 years of my life, and say “Where did it all go???” and then I realize, “Oh, I have been writing and designing the Palette Magazine for 15 years!” No wonder it flew by so fast.

At any rate, those of you who have not been with me for 15 years getting The Palette Magazine, fear not. You may have missed it the first time it was out, but NOW you can get back issues at

Just click on this link and be transported back in space and time to past years of The Palette

You will see The Palette back issues now for sale online through Etsy. With each group of issues, there is in-depth information about what is in each issue, so you can choose what you want and need.

just a peek at what’s waiting for you!

We are selling them four issues at a time — a year’s worth — for just $18. And there is no shipping cost because you can download them from Etsy immediately, as digital pdf files.

What could be easier?

And just think how great this will be to access countless pages of knowledge at your fingertips, but not taking up room on your studio shelf.Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.21.15 PM

Visit our Etsy shop today to see The Palette Magazine back issues, by Skip Lawrence, me, and many other wonderful artists who devoted time to our magazine to give you colorful, exciting articles.


Toph and Skip

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Looking for creative inspiration? The Palette Magazine is like getting a workshop in the mail!


The Palette Magazine is a magazine designed to help you become a better artist! How?

1 »  Professional lessons and tips on how to improve your technique – click here to view excerpt.

2 »  Easy-to-follow exercises to make you a better painter – click here to view excerpt.

3 »  Exciting ideas to make your work more expressive – click here to view excerpt.

4 »  Expert advice from today’s best painters and teachers – click here to view excerpt.

Whether you are fairly new to painting or an experienced artist, you’ll find The Palette Magazine useful and inspiring.

-If you want to become a better artist…
-if you’re eager to learn more about the concepts of painting
-if you want to produce more satisfying, personally expressive paintings
the lessons and ideas in this magazine will be invaluable in your exploration to become the best painter you can be.

How is this magazine different?
The Palette Magazine is the only 100% instructional magazine written for and by watermedia artists. The magazine has a unique format with lessons (such as you might get at a good workshop) and suggested exercises to help you understand and apply the concepts and techniques described.

The Palette Magazine offers you choices—choices of technique, choices of design concept, choices of style that are all designed to help you find your own unique direction as a painter. The magazine is filled with useful lessons that will help you explore new possibilities in painting. Accompanying each lesson is an exercise that you can try at home. It’s like getting a workshop in the mail!

Click here to order from Cheap Joe’s website

Click here to order back issues

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Color and design: the core of my workshops

“My need to understand the how and why of the painting process is something I instinctively share with others. I try to provide students with a broad understanding of color and design… and then help each individual to apply these concepts in a unique and imaginative
way that expresses th
eir personal thoughts and feelings.”
— Christopher Schink

Internationally known artist Christoper Schink works in a semi‐abstract style, creating paintings notable for the strength and drama of their pictorial design. You can view some of his work on this WordPress site but you’ll see a lot more on his main website,

Toph has over 45 years of teaching experience; he’s conducted workshops in most states in the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

He designs his workshops to help each painter find and express a personally satisfying direction or style. Whether one is new to painting or an experienced artist, (realistic/abstract/nonobjective), Toph’s guidance and mentoring helps artists apply contemporary concepts in color and design to make their work more personally expressive.

A typical workshop will include demonstrations and discussions on design, color and contemporary directions in painting. After 45 years of teaching, his goal is to help students find a more personal way to work, so that students leave with new ideas, a clearer direction and newfound inspiration.

See the Workshop page in this blog, to find the workshop closest to you!


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